types of reviews

Basically, we collect reviews in three different ways.

  1. Reviews about Trusted Shops
  2. Reviews via Google
  3. Product reviews directly on our website

Who can give reviews

Trusted Shops:

Only verified buyers can submit a review of our services and performance here. You can find out more by clicking on the Trusted Shops badge at the bottom of the screen.


In principle, anyone who has a Google account and decides to submit a rating for us can submit a rating here. Neither Google nor we check whether the person was/is actually a customer of ours.

Product reviews on the website:

Anyone who wants to can leave a review of a product on our website. We check each review for content and relevance. It can happen that some reviews are not published or are deleted afterwards. At the same time, it may happen that a person who does not know the product or who has never bought from us leaves a review. We don't send custom links after purchase, so product reviews can never be verified.

We decided to go this route because we have many customers who also want to buy products offline, i.e. in our shop, and submit reviews online. We try to reflect the opinion of our customers about the reviews transparently at all times, but we would like to expressly point out the unverifiable authenticity at this point.